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Cathedral Kids

Due to the current situation regarding corona virus the difficult decision  has been made that Cathedral Kids will not run until further notice.

We look forward to welcoming the children back as soon as possible .  

This page will be updated with any further information. 


Cathedral Kids is for children from birth up until High School S2 age, and includes the Choir Trebles. They meet weekly from the first Sunday in September until mid June. They are split into 3 groups:- Littlestars,Superstars and Megastars

Little Stars is designed for pre-school children from birth - 5 years.  We aim to introduce children to the principles of Christianity and familiarise them with stories from the Bible. 

Our activities are geared to the needs and interests of pre-school children, but we do try to tie in with themes being followed by children in the older groups: Superstars and Megastars.  We use singing, acting, story-telling and craft activities to present ideas to the children.  We aim to provide an atmosphere where children feel comfortable and welcome and where they have fun while they learn.  Parents are welcome to stay to settle them in on a Sunday morning

Superstars welcome all children aged 5 - 9 years (primary 1 - 5).  Our aim is to help them learn about Jesus in a way that is attractive, fun-filled and easy to understand. 

We use a variety of resource material and encourage the children to feel involved , both in Cathedral Kids and in the life of the church and we hope that it is fun for all involved!  The children and their teachers attend the first part of the 10.30am service before moving to the Halls.

Megastars is intended for young people in the P5-S2 school years and aims to provide teaching of Christian beliefs and values in a lively and informal way.  We hope that our approach makes the children feel more involved , both in Cathedral Kids and in the life of the church and we hope that it is fun for all involved!

The young people attend the first part of the 10.30am Service, sitting with members of the teaching staff before leaving to meet in the Janet Wallace room. This group also meets once a month with Revelation Youth, so that those in P6 and 7 feel part of the group which follows on from Cathedral Kids.

For more information click here to contact the Cathedral Kids Co-ordinator

For older young people we have our Revelation Youth group who meet on a Sunday evening. Click on the link for further information.


Safety for children information:

Our responsibility, together with parents and carers of our children, is to keep the children in our care safe. We ask all parents/ carers of a child who has particular medical needs or allergies, which may cause their child to become unwell suddenly, to tell their child's Sunday School teacher. Ideally long term conditions should be mentioned on the child's registration form for Sunday School. We also ask that you give your child's teacher the current mobile number of the parent/carer who is accompanying the child on the day.

  • We cannot agree to take responsibility for administering emergency treatment e.g. Epi pens.
  • We will contact a parent/carer immediately if their child becomes unwell and ask that their mobile is kept switched on even in the Cathedral.
  • A parent/carer of a child who may become unwell must remain either in the Cathedral or in the halls during Sunday School time and we ask that you tell us where you will be and specifically where you will sit if in the Cathedral. Ideally this should be near the South West Door, so that you can be found quickly, if necessary.
  • In the event of a serious medical emergency we will call for an ambulance. The address is:
    Cathedral Halls, The Cross, Dunblane FK15 0AQ
  • At the same time as someone is calling 999, it may be possible to request help from a medically qualified member of the congregation.
  • Parents/carers are asked not to bring individual snacks for their child, in case these could affect other children in the Sunday School.  However parents/carers of a child with a food allergy/intolerance can supply appropriate food for their child, so as long Sunday School is made aware of it.

For more information about the Sunday Schools click here to contact the Sunday School Co-ordinator to whom comments can also be made about the content on this page.


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