Something to sing or read:

All things bright and beautiful 
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all

A prayer:

For tiny spiders and huge dinosaurs
Thank you God
For whistling blackbirds and noisy crows
Thank you God
For the birds and animals we see each day
Thank you God
For strange and beautiful creatures all over the world
Thank you God.
( and for special animals I want to thank you for……………)
Thank you God


Something to do:

Look at and touch gently 10 carved animals in the cathedral.
Sit next to 5 different animals and make the sound they make.
(You could choose the lion and roar, or the dove and coo)

Something to think about:

Which is your favourite carving and why? Imagine you could carve an animal to put in the cathedral, what would you choose?