Arts Guild

In the years since it was founded in 1976, Dunblane Cathedral Arts Guild has brought a wide variety of professional musical events to Dunblane. It aims to attract audiences mainly from the local community but also from a wider radius. Although the venues tend to centre around the Cathedral and the Cathedral Halls, events also focus on the other halls in Dunblane and include afternoon family concerts as well as evening concerts. These offer as diverse a choice as jazz and clasical music, secular and sacred programmes, purely vocal or purely instrumental music or mixed ensembles, not forgetting the now annual puppet show for the youngest members of the community.

The Arts Guild is run by a small committee who will always welcome enthusiasts to join them. Financial support comes primarily from Enterprise Music Scotland, with a modest grant from Stirling and District Arts Forum and most welcome sponsorship from local businesses.

Our events, usually about 7 or 8 per year, are advertised locally and in the local newspapers.

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