The history:
The tower is the oldest part of Dunblane Cathedral. It may have been originally built as a defence and a place of refuge.

Something to do and something to think about:
Stand in the base of the tower. Put your hands on the stones. How does this tower make you feel?
Above you are the cathedral bells. Click here to listen to the bells ring. If you could ring them today, what kind of a tune would you want to play?

A bible verse:
I will sing of your constant love.
You have been a tower for me, a shelter in time of trouble.
Psalm 56 v 16


A prayer
                      Strong God                      
You are my tower
My safe place
You shelter me
Thank you

Vulnerable Jesus
You call me into unsafe places
to be with You
You love me
Thank you

Holy Spirit
You question me
You keep me right
You bless me
Thank you