Revelation Youth Group

Revelation Youth

The Revelation Youth Group, which is aimed at young people of secondary school age, is not meeting at the moment. 

The Aims of Revelation Youth:

To provide a safe, welcoming and fun environment for young people of secondary school age whereby they can:

    • thrive and achieve
    • develop socially and emotionally
    • learn and apply biblical principles to everyday life
    • plan, organise and deliver projects
    • be encouraged to actively participate in the life of the Church and the community

We aim to achieve these aims by;

    • Making the young people feel welcomed and included within a safe, nurturing and fun environment by providing a youth-centred teaching programme.
    • Giving the young people a knowledge of good life principles, presenting topics in an interesting, stimulating, fun and contemporary way, this maybe through media, story-telling, drama, music and craft.
    • Making links with other groups locally and beyond.
    • Participating in programmes and initiatives within and out with the Cathedral, such as the Eco-congregation programme, the Likhubula  Partnership Project and Disability Scotland.
    • Familiarising the young people with congregational worship, and participating in special services (eg. Harvest Thanksgiving; Christmas Nativity service, family services etc)
    • The participation of the young people in a variety of social activities and outings

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