Live Streaming Installation

In July 2023, Dunblane Cathedral was finally able to live stream services and events. This was the achievement of 2 years of planning and discussion on the strategy of doing it, researching what we liked from other streaming sites...and what we didn't like.... all while pre-recording our online services. 

In Autumn 2022, the Streaming Strategy Team (Rev. Colin Renwick, Kevin Duggan, Tom Astbury, Malcolm Wilson and Chris Wilson) proposed Live Streaming as an already proven mission outreach to our online comgregation, replacing the recordings and editings every Friday night.

In December 2022, due diligence being done in evaluating a number of vendors, the Kirk Session agreed to move forward with Live Streaming, agreeing with our proposed vendor, Toasty Audio. The funds were available for this outreach, and confirmation to continue was given at the last ever Presbytery of Stirling meeting.

A further 5 months of contractual discussion and planning with Toasty Audio, and very close co-operation with Historic Environment Scotland (HES), resulted in the implementation of the entire system in June 2023, going live after training and testing at the end of July 2023.

The resulting implementation consists of:

    • over 5km of hidden cabling
    • a state-of-the-art digital mixer controlling the Cathedral sound system
    • 5 "stone image" vinyl wrapped high specification video PTZ cameras (point, tilt and zoom)
    • 1 mobile high specification PTZ camera
    • 4 broadcast quality microphones - 2 in nave (stereo pair) and 2 in choir (stereo)
    • 1 mobile broadcast quality wireless mic
    • a purpose built, hand crafted, oak operator's desk (from Pine Products, Troon) to match in with the Cathedral woodwork
    • supporting technology to control video and audio hardware and operate the streaming to our YouTube channel

Photos of the installation and planning are below. For further details, if required, please contact the Live Streaming Team by clicking HERE.

Planning and Installation