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Dunblane Cathedral
The Cross
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Dunblane Cathedral is part of the Church of Scotland. Our OSCR registration number is SC004454. As with all Church of Scotland churches, the trustees for the church are the elders of the church. Further details are available upon request to the Session Clerk via this form - please click HERE.

Our site is hosted and developed using ChurchDesk. We use ChurchDesk for administrative work and communications within our wider community.

ChurchDesk is a Church Management Software provider. This covers calendar management, website, newsletter communication, contact database, digital forms as well as online payments. The data we collect is regulated by current Data Protection law and how we process it is described in our privacy policy and, where applicable the consent, you have provided. ChurchDesk only processes data based on our instruction and per the data processing agreement between us and ChurchDesk.

May 2020