Dunblane Cathedral - Youth Leaders' Private Area






Welcome to the secure area for leaders of the Youth Organisations run by Dunblane Cathedral.

For data protection reasons, the personal data must not be easily accessible, nor must it be printed off. The data given on this page is not public and should not be shared in any way. It is not able to be printed or copied, but it can be downloaded safely onto your device if you so desire. This is in complience with Dunblane Cathedral's Data Protection policies. If you wish to comment or discuss, please contact the Data Protection Officer here.

Useful Contacts
The main point of contact and easiest is the Important Contacts Page on the Website for ministers, Church Office etc - here.
Other contacts are also available from the Alphabetic Contacts list here. Other details are held here with the same password used to access this page:

Other Contacts

Youth Teachers, Leaders and Helpers

Cathedral Kids/Trebles - Medical Notes

Cathedral Kids/Trebles - Permission for Photos/Videos NOT Granted

Safeguarding Forms
The current Safeguarding forms are available to download from the Safeguarding and Data Protection Policies page, here.



If there are any errors or omissions to this data, please contact Ruth Butchart here.
If there are any technical issues, please contact Chris Wilson here.