Leighton Library

The Leighton Library is the oldest private library in Scotland, dating from 1687. It was built for the 1,500 books of Robert Leighton, Bishop of Dunblane (1661-1670). The number of books has now grown to 4,500, covering a wide range of topics printed from 1504-1840.  At least 80 languages have been identified. The catalogue of contents is now available to academics and researchers through an arrangement with Stirling University.

The Leighton Library is open to the general public from the beginning of May until the end of September as follows:
Monday - Friday and Saturday 11am - 1pm and other times by arrangement with the Leighton Library custodian - contact details on the Leighton Library website link below.  In addition to this the library is regularly included in Stirling Council Doors Open Weekends in September each year.

Click here to contact the Leighton Library custodian.

For more information about the Leighton Library go to the Leighton Library website link below.

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