Company & Senior Section

Meeting times
Our main weekly meeting for Company Section (P7-S3) and Seniors (S4-S6) is on a Friday evening in Dunblane Cathedral Halls from 7.45pm until 10pm. On Sunday evenings, the Company Section have bible class and games night at St. Blane’s Church Hall from 7.30pm-9.00pm.  We have table tennis, pool and big-screen video games (Wii/Xbox) on offer. On Monday evenings we have five-a-side football or other sports at the Dunblane Centre from 7pm-8pm.

As a company, we take part in local (battalion) competitions as well as national ones. At a local level, we have a 5-a-side football competition four times a year in Stirling on Saturday mornings. Other battalion competitions include the quiz, ten pin bowling, individual table tennis, volleyball, first aid and swimming.  Meanwhile at a national level, we compete in badminton, table tennis, chess, 5-a-side football (under-14 and senior), and the Masterteam quiz.

Special Events
At the end of each school term, we generally have a trip on the last Friday evening.

Kilbryde Hike
This is a hiking competition which takes place in early June in the hills of south-east Lanarkshire and Upper Nithsdale. We enter several teams and boys are keen to take part. It involves several weekends of prior training but provides an excellent culmination to the year and a chance to put skills such as map/compass, teamwork,navigation into practice in a competitive setting.

Summer Camp
The undoubted highlight of the BB calendar, our summer camp offers eight days under canvas in some of Scotland’s finest countryside. Spending a week living, playing and working together with their peers and leaders can have a great impact on a boy’s life and the way he handles relationships with others. As well as in-camp games (team and individual) we offer lots of other activities, hikes and day trips.

Activity Weekend
This is a great opportunity early in the BB year for the boys to enjoy a great weekend of fun and new activities together. In 2010, we will be travelling to the Abernethy Trust centre at Nethybridge in Speyside, for a weekend of adventure in November.

Weekly Programme & Badge Work
We have an opening “parade” each week during which we have a bible reading and prayer followed by uniform inspection for which the boys (and squads) gain marks for annual prizes.  We use the Discover programme.   Boys have choices about which activities they do and are generally in mixed-age groups for most of these. The Discovery Award can be gained after 2 years, following which boys work for another 2 years towards the President’s Badge.

After President’s Badge, boy can then, through a programme of service both to the company and the community as well as expedition, taking up a new interest and through residential courses complete their Queen’s Badge. As a company we also offer the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme from S3/4 onwards and it integrates well with the President’s and Queen’s Badges.

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