Society of Friends of Dunblane Cathedral

Society of Friends of Dunblane Cathedral

For over 800 years Dunblane Cathedral has been a place of Christian worship admired for its serenity and beauty. In 1930 a Society of Friends was set up to adorn the interior of the Cathedral and to safeguard and enhance its surroundings.

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Inside the Cathedral the Society has completed significant projects. It has transformed the Chapter House through the installation of rich oak panelling and the laying of a marble and stone floor. Of equal importance, a small chamber at the rear of the Cathedral has been converted into the exquisite Clement Chapel for private devotion. Other projects have included the creation of the Helen Lamb screen and contributions to the installation of the Flentrop organ. The Society also has maintained the appearance of the Cathedral year by year through a range of gifts.

The Society's contribution to the surroundings of the Cathedral and the activities taking place there has been equally impressive. In 1943 it created the Dunblane Museum designed to celebrate the history of the Cathedral and of the City of Dunblane. In the 1950s and 1960s it was foremost in upgrading the old property surrounding the Cathedral, part of which then, for many decades, became Scottish Churches House, Scotland's Ecumenical Centre, until it became  a boutique hotel called Old Churches House. Recently a garden of rest and peace has been created in the north east corner of the churchyard.

In 2017, the exterior of the Dean's House (including part of Dunblane Museum), the Dean's Flat, and Cockburn House was refurbished, involving general repairs, redecoration and reapplication of lime wash to the render. Grants and donations towards the cost were received from several sources, including Historic Environment Scotland. As always, we thank all for their generous contributions.

Today the Friends remain guardians of the integrity of the square surrounding the Cathedral and provide support not only to the Dunblane Museum but also to the Leighton Library, the oldest purpose-built library in Scotland.

The Society of Friends of Dunblane Cathedral consists of those who love the Cathedral and are willing to help in caring for it. Among the objects set forth in its Constitution are the safeguarding of the amenity of the cathedral and the beautifying of its surroundings, the support of the work of the Organist, Choirmaster and the Choir of the Cathedral, the encouragement of research into the history of the Cathedral and the support of Dunblane Museum and the Leighton Library.

The Society holds an Annual General Festival and publishes a Journal each year.

Its affairs are governed by a Council elected at the AGM and consisting of representativies of the Kirk Session, members of the congregation and members of the Society from outwith the congregation.

Membership of the Society is by subscription (either annual or life membership) and is open to all who are interested in the welfare of the Cathedral.  Click on the following link to download the appropiate application form for membership of the Society of Friends of Dunblane Cathedral:

Friend Application Form (Microsoft Word version)

Friend Application Form (Adobe Acrobat PDF version)

For more information about the joining the Society of Friends of Dunblane Cathedral click here to contact Margaret Bond, the Subscription Treasurer of the Society of Friends of Dunblane Cathedral. If you are paying your subscription by bank transfer then please use the following details (Sort code: 83-18-09; Account no: 00255308) then send a message to the Subscription Treasurer by clicking here

If you wish to find out more about the activities of Society of Friends of Dunblane Cathedral please click here to contact Ewing Wallace, the Secretary of the Society of Friends of Dunblane Cathedral