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Handbell Instruments

Dunblane Cathedral Handbell Ringers possess the following:

5 octaves of handbells comprised as follows:
Four and a half chromatic octaves of Whitechapel handbells with a range from G3 to C8, cast by Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London. These were purchased from 1980 onwards as a result of many donations from members of the congregation, local organisations and businesses, as well as funds raised by the group themselves. Each handbell was engraved at the foundry with wording of each donor's choice and every one also bears the engraving DB.K and the date of acquisition - this being in the style of communion tokens in use in the Cathedral in centuries past.

Two and a half chromatic octaves of Schulmerich handbells, with a range from G4 to B6, manufactured by Schulmerich Carillons of Sellersville, Pennsylvania, USA.

Two and a half chromatic octaves of Malmark handbells, with a range from G4 to C7, as well as the 5th octave extension set C3 to F#3, and G#7 to C8, manufactured by Malmark, Inc of Plumsteadville, Pennsylvania, USA.

Three chromatic octaves of Schulmerich MelodyChime handchimes with a range from C4 to C7.

Two chromatic octaves of belleplates, with a range from G4 to G6.

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