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Welcome to the secure area for members of the Kirk Session of Dunblane Cathedral.

For data protection reasons, Elders' personal data must not be easily accessible, nor must it be printed off. The data given on the pages is not public and should not be shared in any way. It is not able to be printed or copied, but it can be downloaded safely onto your device if you so desire. The password is the one to access this page. This is in compliance with Dunblane Cathedral's Data Protection policies. If you wish to comment or discuss, please contact the Data Protection Officer here. The files affected are the Elder's Contact Details and the Rota Sheet.

If you wish to access previous Kirk Session papers, since 2011, please click HERE to contact the Cathedral IT Administrator to receive the link via email. Papers for the current session will be found on this page.

If there are any errors or omissions, please contact Ronald Wright, the Session Clerk.

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June 2023

Minutes of Meeting on 21 March
- Halls Development Slide Presentation
Minutes of Meeting on 28 May
Minutes of Congregational Meeting on 18 June
Renew - Halls Development Report
Gift Aid

Management committee
- Draft Minutes of Meeting on 18 April
- Agenda
- Finance
- Projects (Contactless Payments and Live Streaming)
- Data Protection/IT
- ChurchDesk Renewal Quotation
- Works Convener
- Organisational Visits - Liaison Elder Reports
- Cathedral Kids - Christine Melville
- Handbell Ringers - David Scott
- Indoor Bowling Club - David Jamieson

March 2023

Draft Minutes of Meeting on 6 December 2022
Pioneer Ministry
Live Streaming Costing Report
Halls Development Group

Management Committee
- Agenda for January 31 Meeting
- Minutes of Meeting on 31 January 2023
- Finance Report
- Halls Development Report
- GDPR/IT Update (including Contactless Payment and Live Streaming)
- Liaison Elder Report - The Guild

Risk Register
Attestation of the Roll and Attestation of the Baptismal Roll
Church of Scotland Whistleblowing Policy


December 2022

Minutes of Meeting on 27 September 2022 (Draft)
Warm Spaces
Halls Development Group

Management Committee Papers:

- Agenda
- Minute of the meeting of 8 November 2022
- Renew - Halls Development
- Finance
- Data Protection/IT (with update for Live Streaming and Contactless Payments)
- Works Convener Report
- Architect's Fee bid
- Hall Masonry Bid

September 2022

Minutes of Meeting on 28 June
Kirk Session - proposed new structure
Live Streaming - this will take the form of a presentation at the meeting itself. Please be familiar with the related content in the Data Protection/IT report for Management Committee. The presentation will be available HERE after the Kirk Session meeting.
Update on Support for Ukrainians
- Halls Development Group
Management Committee
- Agenda
- Finance Report
- Hall Development Report
- Data Protection/IT Report
- Draft Minutes of Meeting on 23 August 2022
Archival of Kirk Session Records report
Service Plan to year end


June 2022

Minutes of Meeting on 8 March
Presbytery Mission Plan
- Presbytery Mission Plan paper
- Secondary related paper from Moderator on staffing
- Halls Development
Congregational Contributions Giving To Grow Regulations - Information only

Management Committee
Draft April Manage Committee Meeting Minutes
- Renew - Halls Development Group
- Finance
- Data Protection IT
Liaison Elders' reports
- Handbells
- Indoor Bowling

March 2022

Minutes of Meeting on 7 December 2021
Minutes of Congregational Meeting on 23 January 2022
Minutes of meeting of 25 January with the "Dunblane Cluster"

- Halls Development Group

Covid Related Matters

Management Committee
- Draft Minutes of Meeting on 25 January 2022
- Management Committee Agenda
- Halls Development Report to Management Committee
- Finance
- Data Protection/IT
- Works Convenor
- Organisational Visits
- Cathedral Kids
- Cockburn Lounge
- Lunch Club
- Music & Memories

Risk Register
Attestation Roll

Ukraine Emergency - Presbytery Paper
Ukraine Emergency - Dunblane Cathedral Response
Kirk Session Planning Update - 1 March 2022
Howard Allen
Please note: you may have to download the presbytery paper before you can click on the link in the paper.


December 2021
Minutes of Meeting on 21 September

- Halls Development Group

Management Committee
- Agenda
- Draft Minutes of Meeting on 19 October 2021
- Halls Development Group
- Finance - Trustee Report & Accounts 2020-2021 (V1.5)
- Finance report incl Review of Salaries
- Presbytery Allowance - letter to Treasurer
- Dunblane Cathedral/HES Meeting - Minutes of meeting on 7 October

- Ad hoc letter to congregations
- Land buildings Toolkit
- Presbytery Mission Plan Act 2021
- Good practice Draft 2
- Presbytery of Stirling - Mission Planning Principles

Presbytery Planning, Worship Leadership & Report from Presbytery meetings

September 2021 Papers

Agenda for Kirk Session of 21 September
Draft Minutes of June Kirk Session meeting
Presbytery Questions return (final version submitted)
Looking Ahead Paper
Safeguarding Report
Halls Development Update
Listening to Young People
Pastoral Care
- General
- Post COVID
Management Committee papers
- Agenda
- Minutes of the meeting of 3 August 2021
- Halls Development Group
- Finance
- Works
- Work quote 1
- Work quote 2
- Liaison Elder Visit Reports - Choir