Stewardship Committee

1. The Committee shall have the authority of the Kirk Session:

a) to organise the Annual Review of Giving which is conducted throughout the Congregation, including the preparation of all materials involved and the arrangement of Elders' duties. Each year the proposed form of the Review of Giving shall first be discussed at the August meeting of the Management Committee and shall thereafter be presented to the Kirk Session for approval.

b) generally to oversee and manage all practical matters pertaining to the giving of members through the Freewill Offering, Deed of Covenant and Open Plate systems, and ensure their smooth operation within the Cathedral.

c) to co-opt further members to the Committee in addition to those appointed by the Kirk Session.

2. The Committee shall require the approval of the Kirk Session for all matters not specified above.

3. The Committee shall regularly circulate reports of its activities for the information of the Kirk Session, and shall give an annual report at the February meeting, at which its activities shall be reviewed.

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