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Fellowship Committee

David Christie, Sandra Donald, John & Elizabeth Kilby, Elizabeth Orr, Alison Wright and Ros Wilson

1. The Committee shall have the authority of the Kirk Session:

a) to organise Welcome Lunches for new members as required and to provide the Easter Breakfast each year following the Dumyat climb on Easter Sunday.

b) to organise further social events as considered appropriate for the purpose of deepening fellowship within the Congregation and developing links with the community.

c) to promote an awareness that the Church is a family where all are welcome & to foster within the Cathedral Congregation a sense of belonging and a spirit of fellowship among all members, worshippers & friends.

d) to be available as a resource group both to the Kirk Session and to Organisations on all matters pertaining to the welcome and fellowship offered by the Cathedral.

e) to co-opt further members to the Committee in addition to those appointed by the Kirk Session.

2. The Committee shall require the approval of the Kirk Session for all matters not specified above, and any activity or event involving significant expenditure not previously budgeted for shall be brought forward for full consideration of the Kirk Session.

3. The Committee shall regularly circulate reports of its activities for the information of the Kirk Session, and shall give an annual report to the Kirk Session at the February meeting, at which all its activities shall be reviewed.

Click here to contact David Christie, Convener of the Fellowship Committee.