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Who Does What within Cathedral Communications

Many people are involved in supporting communications within and outwith the Cathedral.  Their continued support is gratefully acknowledged. The following is not a definitive list:

  1. Cathedral Magazine editing - Magazine Editors
  2. Weekly submission of activities in Cathedral for Stirling Observer and Allanwater News - Cathedral Administrator.
  3. Outside noticeboard (central panel) weekly diary of events - prepared by Cathedral Administrator,  put up Monday morning.
  4. Display of posters in outside noticeboard (outer panels) - HES staff
  5. Posters on display boards inside Cathedral (left on welcome table for changing display every Monday) - Alan Price
  6. Preparation of Weekly order of service & weekly notices - Cathedral Administrator,  (plus elders on Friday).
  7. Welcome table arranging and tidying of displays - Church Elders
  8. Elders welcome name badges - Helen Parker.
  9. Congregational events photograph displays on display boards in hall - Cathedral Administrator.
  10. Putting out pew cards every Sunday, and tidying these away, and also ensuring pew bibles and hymnbooks are in place in pews - put out by Church Officer, duty elders tidy away.
  11. Recording of monthly magazine - team led by Charles McLay and ministry team
  12. Recording Sunday services & distribution to those requesting CD - Ewing Wallace.
  13. Accommodation booking and maintenance of the accommodations diary - Cathedral Administrator.
  14. Website administration by IT Administrator, with diary & organisation content added by office-bearers & representatives of organisations.
  15. Cathedral e-mail system – administered by IT Administrator.
  16. Magazine distribution to members (Hazel Lees, Linda Herbertson); to collection points in Dunblane.
  17. Technical Support for Cathedral Halls and Manse – IT Administrator
  18. Audio needs for services (amplification, recording and loop induction system) - Ewing Wallace.
  19. Cathedral guided tours - Ewing Wallace and Malcolm Wilson.
  20. Cathedral Social Media pages - managed by Malcolm Wilson
  21. Choir Facebook page - managed by Chris Wilson