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Communications Group

1. The Group shall have the authority of the Kirk Session:

a) within its allocated budget, to maintain and as necessary replace the supply of publicity and welcome materials made available by the Cathedral - including Welcome Cards in the pews, "Who's Who", the Welcome Pack, information on the Orders of Service and the internal and external Noticeboards.

b) to ensure that the Parish Magazine is widely available throughout the community and particularly to those who are not members of the Cathedral.

c) to be available as a resource group to individuals and Organisations within the Congregation, and to encourage good communications on all aspects of the Cathedral's work.

d) to arrange Press Releases on activities and events held within the Cathedral.

e) generally to keep under review all matters relating to the way in which the Cathedral communicates with the community.

f) to co-opt further members to the Committee in addition to those appointed by the Kirk Session.

2. The Committee shall require the approval of the Kirk Session for all matters not specified above, and the proposal for any significant new development in Communication shall be brought forward for full consideration of the Kirk Session.

3. The Committee shall regularly circulate reports of its activities for the information of the Kirk Session, and shall give an annual report to the Kirk Session at the April meeting, at which all its activities shall be reviewed.

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