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Revelation Youth Group

Revelation Youth

The Revelation Youth Group, which is aimed at young people of secondary school age, is one of the most important areas of the Cathedral’s life, not because we feel that youth are a part of the Church of the future and therefore need to be encouraged, but rather because we believe that young people are a part of the Church of today.  They already belong and share what we do, and in fact, help to shape the Church that we are now.  So, we try to give them a central place in our life, and in the process, we find that we receive much from them.

The Aims of Revelation Youth:

To provide a safe, welcoming and fun environment for young people of secondary school age whereby they can:

  • thrive and achieve
  • develop socially and emotionally
  • learn and apply biblical principles to everyday life
  • plan, organise and deliver projects
  • be encouraged to actively participate in the life of the Church and the community

We aim to achieve these aims by;

  • Making the young people feel welcomed and included within a safe, nurturing and fun environment by providing a youth-centred teaching programme.
  • Giving the young people a knowledge of good life principles, presenting topics in an interesting, stimulating, fun and contemporary way, this maybe through media, story-telling, drama, music and craft.
  • Making links with other groups locally and beyond.
  • Participating in programmes and initiatives within and out with the Cathedral, such as the Eco-congregation programme, the Likhubula  Partnership Project and Disability Scotland.
  • Familiarising the young people with congregational worship, and participating in special services (eg. Harvest Thanksgiving; Christmas Nativity service, family services etc)
  • The participation of the young people in a variety of social activities and outings

The Group meets every Sunday from 7-9pm in the Cathedral Halls. For further details please click here to contact them.