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Dunblane Cathedral Arts Guild - Sagas & Seascapes


Dunblane Cathedral Arts Guild - Sagas & Seascapes

Sunday, 28 November 2021 15:00 - 16:00
Dunblane Cathedral, The Cross, Dunblane FK15 0AQ
Dunblane Cathedral Arts Guild - Sagas & Seascapes

Sagas and Seascape - A concert by Nordic Viola

Flute: Janet Larsson
Clarinet: Robert Digney
Violin: Jacquie Speirs
Violin: Anne Bünemann
Viola: Katherine Wren
Cello: Laura Sergeant
Double Bass: Paul Sutherland

Sibelius' great tone poem, En Saga, in its original septet version forms the inspiration for Nordic Viola’sSagas and Seascapes’ programme. Lillie Harris' Elsewhen explores the mystery of the ancient standing stones of Orkney. Linda Buckley's Aud, which was commissioned by Nordic Viola for Orkney International Science Festival, reimagines the journey of Aud the Deep-Minded from Norway and Ireland via Caithness, Orkney and Faroe to Iceland, where she was one of the early settlers in the 9th century. The programme is bookended by the Danish String Quartet's delightful arrangements of the Unst Boat Song from Shetland and The Dromer, a Danish folk dance based on the Scottish reel "The Drummer."

The concert starts at 3pm. To avoid queues, please pre-register contact details for NHS Test and Protect.

There are no tickets on sale but there will be a retiring collection.