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Message to all in Sandy Hook, Newtown
From Colin G McIntosh, Minister of Dunblane Cathedral: I am writing on behalf of everyone at the Cathedral in Dunblane to convey to you our heartfelt sorrow and horror at the loss of your children, teachers and members of the community in this terrible tragedy.




It is nearly 17 years since we in Dunblane experienced such a tragedy too when sixteen children and their teacher were killed by a gunman in Dunblane Primary School. So we can begin to imagine something of what your people are going through, especially the families of those shot but also the sheer numb incomprehension the whole community must feel. In our time we were greatly helped in our sorrow by the knowledge that the thoughts and prayers of so many throughout the world were with us.May you too know that all the world shares with you at this moment in a pain which no living soul should ever have to endure.

We do not understand a world in which such things can happen.All we can say from our experience is that God is not absent in those moments when the worst happens. He can be found in the midst of suffering, tragedy and despair. We pray that one day that may be your experience too.
Words themselves seem so inadequate, but we in Dunblane will continue to remember you in our prayers. May God come close to you and carry you when you are no longer able to walk by yourselves.
If at any time you or any of the churches feel we may be able to help, please feel free to contact me.
In peace.
Colin G. McIntosh
Minister, Dunblane Cathedral